OMINO Finance: An Introduction

Today, we introduce OMINO Finance, A community-built algorithmic and autonomous interest rate protocol for farmers to maximize ROI profit. OMINO Finance is a community dedicated to maximizing profits for all its members, primarily through automated yield farming and Asset staking, in order to provide users with the best risk-adjusted returns possible in the DeFi Ecosystem. OMINO Finance’s smart contracts automatically route your funds to the highest-yield farming strategies available. We intend to conduct an alpha launch in late August/early September with liquidity mining rewards.

If you’re interested in signing up for our alpha launch and staying informed, please contact us at

The Vision

We believe that permission-less yield for decentralized assets will continue to grow in popularity. However, we as an industry have a long way to go. Even crypto natives are currently befuddled by the plethora of yield farming strategies available. OMINO aspires to be the most widely used cryptocurrency on the planet. With an emphasis on various payment methods. Facilitating the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency in all corners and spheres of humanity through user engagement. The development of solutions for tracking and monitoring trade and financial services is also used to track and monitor significant sources of revenue at various levels of individual streams.

OMINO’s mission is to build a platform and achieve the unmatched status of a cryptocurrency that rules the world as the primary method of payment in all its manifestations and ramifications, as well as industries and individual activities worldwide.

  • But what if the latest-and-greatest yield farming strategies were simply one click away ?
  • What if there was a platform that could automatically route and reroute your money to these strategies?

Omino Finance’s mission is to democratize yield farming by making it accessible to everyone, not just DeFi experts.

Why Choose Omino Finance?

Pursuing the optimal rate of return on your liquidity is a difficult and dynamic problem. As more users crowded into the highest-yielding pools, they diluted your yield. As a result, individuals would hop from pool to pool in search of the highest yield with the least amount of temporary loss. Recognizing this issue, we developed a suite of smart contracts capable of intelligently routing your funds between Our Liquidity pools.
Now, our mission is to provide a user-friendly yield farming and staking platform to everyone.

What is Omino Finance?

Omino Finance is an Ecosystem designed to maximize Profits for its users majorly through automate yield farming that executes complex yield farming strategies and Asset Staking.

Pooled Liquidity

Deposit funds to OMINO Finance and add to the liquidity pool. OMINO tokens represent your share of the pool, similar to how BPT tokens represent your share in a Balancer pool. Instead of multiple transactions and gas fees just to implement your strategy, it’s now just one deposit to get started.

As the total value locked (TVL) in the pool grows, OMINO Finance can achieve economies of scale by collectively routing funds together in a single transaction.

When you wish to withdraw from the strategy, it’s also just one click away. On the UI, we make it simple to know your effective APY, what smart contract risks you are exposed to, and possible impermanent loss implications. When you want your liquidity back, simply redeem your APT tokens anytime to withdraw your yield farming profits from the liquidity pool.

We also recognize that not all users will have the same risk perception on smart contracts or risk tolerances. For example, some users will not want to deposit into a liquidity pool that contains BNB as its underlying. Other users are willing to take on more smart contract risk for higher yield. As such, once TVL is sufficiently large, we plan to implement a couple of risk pools that will have different exposures, similar to the pools on


Because security is our primary concern, strategies will be implemented gradually and carefully. The platform will initially be managed by DeFi experts who will codify yield farming strategies and keep an eye out for time-sensitive incidents. Simultaneously, we will run a liquidity mining rewards program to ensure that the OMINO token reaches real users. Once stable, OMINO Finance will work toward becoming 100 percent community-owned via a progressive decentralization process facilitated by the OMINO token. OMINO governance token holders will initially be able to propose and vote on changes to the DeFi landscape that are easily verifiable. These small changes can be pushed by the community and rewarded.

Following that, OMINO holders can propose and vote on platform parameters, such as changes to the strategy’s risk score or even yield allocation. As the DeFi landscape evolves, the community updates these risk scores. Finally, once the platform has grown sufficiently large and has been decentralized, the community will be able to govern the implementation of new strategies and the deprecation of existing ones.


  • We intend to conduct an alpha launch with Compound strategies in late August/early September. After stabilizing, we intend to expand further more. Keep an eye out for future Medium posts detailing how these strategies will be implemented.
  • Community ownership is central to our vision. The community will receive a sizable portion of the token supply via the public rewards and community initiatives pools. We will release liquidity mining rewards shortly after launch to ensure that the OMINO governance tokens reach the community.

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A community-built algorithmic and autonomous interest rate protocol for farmers to maximize ROI profit

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Omino Finance

Omino Finance

A community-built algorithmic and autonomous interest rate protocol for farmers to maximize ROI profit

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